BY BRANDON GARSIDE At the first council meeting of May each year, the council receives the mayor’s proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year. Before the beginning of the fiscal year, on July 1, the council reviews the proposed budget in a series of work sessions, discussing it with administration and department heads. Based on those conversations, adjustments can be made to the final budget when it is adopted. While the review and adoption of the budget are the most public-facing elements of the budget process, there is much more work that goes on throughout the year to make sure the city’s needs are met.Read More →

BY MATTHEW HAACK – OGDEN CITY WATER CONSERVATION COORDINATOR Ogden City receives water from both surface and underground sources. Source levels are directly proportionate to precipitation and snowpack. This past winter provided below average snowpack. The result is that Ogden City will face a water shortage during 2021. In order to provide adequate resources for life-essential processes, city residents must implement water conservation practices. Ogden City residents are encouraged to reduce their water use by 5%. The largest use of water among residential properties is landscape irrigation. It is possible to maintain an attractive landscape while using less water. The key is to provide irrigationRead More →

BY LT. BRIAN EYNON – OGDEN POLICE DEPARTMENT On April 19, 2021, the Ogden Police Department celebrated their employees and four Ogden City citizens during their annual 2020 Awards Banquet. The banquet was held at the Monarch Event Center and was attended by nearly 200 people. Due to COVID-19, the 2019 Awards Banquet was cancelled, causing the department’s employees to receive their awards unceremoniously. During the 2020 Awards Banquet, the 2019 employees were recognized appropriately, along with the 2020 recipients. It was a great time had by all. Dinner was delicious, and the banquet included an emotional tribute to fallen Officer Nathan Lyday and aRead More →

BY SABRINA LEE OGDEN CITY RECREATION SUMMER PROGRAMS Ogden City Recreation is pleased to announce that we will be providing youth tennis lessons, youth sand volleyball, and adult tennis leagues this summer. Youth tennis lessons will be provided in two-week sessions and begin in June. Cost for a two-week session is $30 for residents and $39 for nonresidents. Adult tennis leagues will begin in June as well; cost is $30. Adult and youth sand volleyball begins on June 14th; cost is $90 per team for youth, and $160 per team for adults. For more information, please visit or call our offices Monday – Friday,Read More →

My name is Eric Young, and I am the new Chief of Police for Ogden City. I wanted to take a minute of your time and tell you about myself and my plans for our Police Department. My father was a graduate of Ogden High School, and my mother, Weber High. They met just after high school and married. My father left college and joined the Army, and was sent to Ft. Eustis, Virginia, to learn to pilot helicopters. My father was deployed to Vietnam once he completed flight school. I was born in June of 1969 at Fort Eustis, and my father was killedRead More →

“I would like to help bring more transparency to the public, more collaboration, and ultimately have a better Council and Ogden City.” –Vice Chair Marcia White BY BRANDON GARSIDE On Tuesday, January 5, 2021, the Ogden City Council elected Council Member Bart Blair as the Council Chair and Council Member Marcia White as the Council Vice Chair for the 2021 calendar year. Chair Blair is entering his 12th year of service on the city council, having previously served as Chair in 2013 and as Vice Chair in 2020, 2016, and 2012. “Thanks to the council’s hard work over the last few years, we have aRead More →

#drivesafeogden BY SERGEANT BRET CONNORS – OGDEN POLICE DEPARTMENT Ogden Police are ramping up traffic enforcement and want to remind motorists to slow down. Speeding puts yourself and others at unnecessary risk and is one of the main causes of traffic- related fatalities in Ogden. Please slow down and do your part to keep our children and our community members safe. During this time of COVID, with kids in and out of school, the Ogden Police Department would also like to remind you to watch for crossing guards, school zones, and pedestrians throughout the city. The Ogden Police Traffic Division has increased traffic enforcement inRead More →

BY RYAN SPELTS WITH JAKE MCINTIRE Ogden is among a select few cities in the nation that have a Master Plan for Arts and Culture. This plan provides a framework and road map designed to move the arts forward as a key element in enhancing quality of life, promoting economic development, enhancing education, and celebrating our community. Ogden is one of the top arts communities in the entire state of Utah and is celebrated for its contributions to the lives of its residents. Shane Osguthorpe says, “Art simultaneously reflects our diversity and builds our unity. The point of art isn’t to make everyone feel theRead More →

BY MIKE MCBRIDE Ogden City is excited to announce that curbside recycling services are being reinstated, effective immediately. Residents are highly encouraged to resume best practices while sorting recyclables into the blue can and disposing of general household refuse into the green can. On January 20th, the Ogden City Planning Commission granted an extension to Recycled Earth to come into compliance with its Conditional Use Permit (CUP). The extension requires Recycled Earth to maintain operations that are in accordance with the rules and regulations contained within the permit. This approval will allow Recycled Earth to once again receive and process recyclable material from Ogden City,Read More →