“I would like to help bring more transparency to the public, more collaboration, and ultimately have a better Council and Ogden City.” –Vice Chair Marcia White BY BRANDON GARSIDE On Tuesday, January 5, 2021, the Ogden City Council elected Council Member Bart Blair as the Council Chair and Council Member Marcia White as the Council Vice Chair for the 2021 calendar year. Chair Blair is entering his 12th year of service on the city council, having previously served as Chair in 2013 and as Vice Chair in 2020, 2016, and 2012. “Thanks to the council’s hard work over the last few years, we have aRead More →

MAYOR AND CHIEF ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER Mike Caldwell –Ogden City Mayor: 801-629-8111 Mark Johnson –Chief Administrative Officer: 801-629-8111 CITY COUNCIL Ben Nadolski: 801-643-4593 Angela Choberka: 801-388-0031 Bart Blair: 801-388-1517 Richard Hyer: 801-782-2865 Luis Lopez: 801-686-5685 Doug Stephens: 801-393-9796 Marcia White: 801-829-1350 GENERAL & CITY SERVICES General Information: 801-629-8000 Arts & Events: 801-629-8718 Business Development: 801-629-8910 Business Licensing: 801-629-8687 Fire Department: 801-629-8069 Human Resources: 801-629-8730 Justice Court: 801-629-8560 Police Department: 801-629-8056 Public Services: 801-629-8337 Recreation: 801-629-8253 El Monte Golf: 801-629-0694 Golden Hours: 801-629-8864 Lorin Farr Pool: 801-629-8186 Marshall White Center: 801-629-8346 Mt Ogden Golf: 801-629-0699 Union Station: 801-629-8680Read More →

In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic, the Ogden City Council is holding their Work Sessions and Council Meetings electronically through Zoom. As a result, general public comments will not be taken in person. The council is introducing new electronic methods through which residents can provide input on meeting agenda items and submit public comments. Residents can submit comments by filling out a Public Comment Submission Form at ogdencity.com/publicinput, leaving a message on a new public comment hotline (801-629-8158), and by emailing the Council at citycouncil@ogdencity.com. The council encourages residents to submit their comments through one of the electronic options before the public hearing dateRead More →

Council Leadership Elected In their meeting held on January 7, the city council elected Councilwoman Angela Choberka, District 1, as Chair and Councilman Bart Blair, At Large B as Vice Chair. Words from Chair Choberka: “I hope to continue to create a productive and collaborative relationship with the administration, as well as to provide overall leadership for the council. I also look forward to following up with the public regarding the progress of the Strategic Plan Directives.” From Vice Chair Blair: “There have been great efforts to build stronger relationships with each other and with our community, and I would like to help that toRead More →

By Lorie Buckley, Ogden City Arts Coordinator When I started as the Ogden City Arts Coordinator a few years back, my Mom truly believed that I wouldn’t be safe walking from my car to my office.   I was instructed to be sure to carry pepper spray to ward off any unsavory characters roaming the streets. I sometimes need to remind my Mom that I have…ahem, let’s just say, several decades under my belt. Being Davis County dwellers, my loving parental units remembered Ogden as a place you avoided, especially at night. Thirty years ago… maybe. Fast forward to 2019 and you’ll see a distinctive change.Read More →