BY LORIE BUCKLEY Last week my life consisted of work, work, some more work, along with a sprinkling of yard work. What is happening to me? Where is all the fun? I feel like I’ve been sentenced to a term of hard labor for forgetting to wear my mask one time or another. I don’t know about you, but I am sorely missing all the fun things we had the opportunity to do before COVID-19. I have always believed this, but now more than ever, I know that art makes life exciting. Summer Twilight concerts, art festivals, full-size Farmer’s Markets, and more are missing fromRead More →

ALL INFORMATION PROVIDED BY THE MONARCH FIRST FRIDAY ART STROLLS: What’s Still Happening First Friday Art Stroll by Ogden City Arts will continue to be a virtual affair in August and the following months until further notice. However, they’ve developed creative and engaging ways to support our local arts community online. Additionally, in-person events have resumed throughout the Nine Rails Creative District in conjunction with First Friday Art Strolls. Here’s where to go, in-person or online, to enjoy and elevate yourself through art, music, and performance art offerings in the community on the first Friday of every month. Open Studio Nights at The Monarch Forty+Read More →

By Lorie Buckley, Ogden City Arts Coordinator When I started as the Ogden City Arts Coordinator a few years back, my Mom truly believed that I wouldn’t be safe walking from my car to my office.   I was instructed to be sure to carry pepper spray to ward off any unsavory characters roaming the streets. I sometimes need to remind my Mom that I have…ahem, let’s just say, several decades under my belt. Being Davis County dwellers, my loving parental units remembered Ogden as a place you avoided, especially at night. Thirty years ago… maybe. Fast forward to 2019 and you’ll see a distinctive change.Read More →